Community Fundraiser CFR

Community Fundraiser For Utility Warehouse CRF

Raise money for a charity, group or organisation looking to raise money…

By joining as a Community Fundraiser (CFR), which costs just £25, and encouraging your supporters to use the Utility Warehouse’s services, you could generate a substantial new source of income to invest in a charity, community group or organisation.

Whether you are a school looking to raise money for new computers, books or playground equipment, a youth group trying to raise money for a special outing or annual camp, a charity looking to increase its income or a religious community looking to fund a capital building programme, the CFR position is the ideal solution. The Utility Warehouse provides you with a range of promotional items, together with letter templates for you to send to your supporters. All they need to do is call the Utility Warehouse’s Community Fundraising team on a freephone number, and your community will start to benefit from a share of everything they spend – forever! Alternatively, your supporters can find out everything they need to know about the Utility Warehouse on the internet and sign up online.

  • Through their unique Community Fundraiser scheme, the Utility Warehouse can help charities, community groups and organisations save money on their utility bills while helping raise funds for good causes at the same time.
  • As a Community Fundraiser, all you have to do is tell your supporters about a great new way of raising money. Then prompt them to call the dedicated Utility Warehouse Community Fundraising Team using a freephone number. They will explain all the benefits of using their services, and there will be no hard sell. When a customer signs up they’ll be added to your CFR account.
  • As a new Community Fundraiser, your only commitment is a one-off £25 registration fee. You can earn back the equivalent of your joining fee when 12 of your supporters sign up as customers in your first 90 days.
  • Once your supporters have become customers, the Utility Warehouse will donate a cash bonus of £5 to your cause. After that, the company will donate up to 5% of your customers’ monthly bill. The Utility Warehouse will continue to pay you each month – for as long as they carry on using their services

The Utility Warehouse is so confident that you’ll be happy with the money you save that most services have no minimum contract term, so you’re not tied in. It’s a win-win situation for all. You save money, the Utility Warehouse gains a customer and your cause raises money!

CALL 07595 020 693 for more Information about how to get started.